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SCORE for Your Business at the Central Library

Richard Kraus, Librarian III, Business Department,
SCORE LA Website
SCORE LA Website

The Los Angeles Public Library Business & Economics Department in the Central Library has recently started a relationship with SCORE to offer free, confidential one-on-one small business counseling and mentoring provided by professionals to anyone operating a small business or thinking of starting one.



Central Library

Business & Economics, Lower Level 1

Job & Career Center



Thursdays 4:00 – 8:00 pm

1st Saturday of every month (Starting late Fall 2015)


According to the SCORE Los Angeles website,  their mission is to provide professional guidance and information, accessible to all, to maximize the success of America’s existing and emerging small businesses.  Their parent organization, the national SCORE Association founded in 1964, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration.  Their volunteer mentors have owned or still own successful businesses – others come from high-level management positions; directors and VPs of Fortune 500 companies, owners and presidents of retail chains, manufacturing companies, distributors and franchisors.

The SCORE Greater Los Angeles online system for making appointments with mentors offers options for selecting skills, mentors, and locations.  The appointment system may be found by going to the SCORELA website and clicking on the Make an Appointment tab or by going directly to this link: 

The first time you use the website and plan to make appointments, please register with your contact information.  Then log in for each time you use the appointment system to make sure your appointment will get recorded and to allow SCORELA to contact you with a confirmation of your appointment.

SKILLS: All SCORELA mentors can offer basic small business help, but they also have different specialties based on their interests, background, and experience.  Only a limited number of mentors will be assigned to Central Library so not all skills are offered at the Central Library location.  If you are open to meeting at other locations you may find mentors offering skills in addition to those offered at Central Library.

MENTORS: Each SCORELA mentor is profiled in the mentor list: you may select the mentor you wish to work with or may have worked with before.  Only a limited number of mentors will be assigned to Central Library.  If you are open to meeting at other locations you may find mentors in addition to those offered at Central Library.

LOCATIONS: The Central Library Business & Economics Dept. is just one of many locations offering SCORE mentor appointments in the Los Angeles area.  To make sure you get an appointment in the Central Library Business & Economics Dept., skip the main sections for SKILLS or MENTOR, go to LOCATION and select the Central Library Business & Economics Department.  Choose from the skills listed for Central Library that come closest to what you are seeking.  When the skill has been selected, a calendar listing the days and times should appear showing when a mentor has appointment times available.

After you have made the appointment online, you will be notified by email with confirmation of your session registration. Also, you will start receiving the SCORELA newsletter.

If you need help registering or making an appointment, please contact the Business & Economics Department at 213-228-7100 or