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Our online services, including the website and e-media, will not be available this evening from 6 p.m. to midnight due to planned network maintenance.

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Candice Mack, Senior Librarian, Young Adult Services,

Welcome back to school and welcome to LAPL Teens, the Los Angeles Public Library’s new website for Teens!

On our new website, you will find:

And more!

One of the new features that we are most excited about is this, our new LAPL Teens blog!

This blog will feature posts, reviews and recommendations from tweens, teens and teen services staff (who are tweens and teens at heart) from all over the City of Los Angeles!

So, if you’ve just read a book, listened to a CD or audiobook, or checked out a DVD or e-video from the library’s collection and want to tell the world how much you loved, hated or thought it was just meh, contact your local teen services librarian to post it on our blog. You might even get community service hours for sharing your thoughts!

Thank you and welcome again to the Los Angeles Public Library’s online area for teens!