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Strong Female Protagonist: Book One

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740.9999 M959 v.1

When Alison Green developed superpowers as a kid she did what anyone in her position would do, donned a costume and fought crime! But now that Alison is growing up and gaining a bit of maturity, the black and white world of superheroes and supervillains is getting more and more complicated, and even more difficult to navigate. The exact lines between hero and villain, friend and enemy keep changing, and Alison is forced to wonder if her typical wild street brawls are really doing the good she hoped they would. When Alison takes off her mask and goes to college she manages to turn her old friends against her, and gets a chance to meet exciting new friends ... who might be evil. Can Alison, the former Mega Girl, find a way to be a hero in the adult world where, unfortunately, you can’t always punch your problems away? This book has thrilling heroics, mysterious strangers, classroom drama, the dangers of celebrity, the painful process of outgrowing your childhood identity, and a really great pet dog.  

This is the first volume of Alison’s adventures, and the only part available on paper. But the creators, Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag, continue to publish her story online at Strong Female Protagonist, their excellent, and frequently updated, webcomic.