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What Comes Next? Fiction Series and Sequels

Robert Anderson, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department,
What Comes Next? Fiction Series and Sequels
What Comes Next? Fiction Series and Sequels

Are you trying to remember a detective series you enjoyed, but only the main character's first name comes to mind? Or maybe you'd like to see how many Star Wars novels have been written in the last five years - or figure out the complicated chronology of Bernard Cornwell's Napoleonic wars novels featuring Richard Sharpe.

For answers to all these questions and many others, check out the Los Angeles Public Library's Series and Sequels File, which can be accessed from the libraryhomepage by selecting LAPL Indexes from the Collections & Resources menu.   The Series and Sequels File can be searched by author, by title, or by the name of a series or central character.  The books in each series are listed chronologically according to the dates they take place, but publication dates are also supplied, for those who prefer to read sequels in the order in which they were written.  Most of the sequels lists contain additional information about the books, including settings and character occupations.  Finding out which Lee Child novel comes after the one you've just read or how many series Nora Roberts has written is simple - just type a couple of words into the search box and click Find It.

Series and Sequels Database

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