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Love Poetry at the Library

James Sherman, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department,
Locating Love Poetry in the Literature Department
Desperate for something special for that someone special this Valentine's Day?  Ask yourself: what's more moving, more enduring, and much cheaper than flowers?  No, not a drug-store stuffed animal -- Poetry!  
The elevation of the human spirit is always at the ready in the Literature and Fiction Department of Central Library.
Based on a survey originally written by Mary McCoy of Teen'scape, here's a treasure trove of love lyrics, by title and call number.  Enjoy!
Love Poetry Anthologies
Art and Love:  An Illustrated Anthology of Love Poetry, 808.1 A7845
Bleeding Hearts:  Love Poems for the Nervous and Highly Strung, 808.1 B6465  
Blushing:  Expressions of Love in Poems and Letters,  808.1 B6595
The Bride's Book of Poems, 808.1 B8515
Classic American Love Poems; 811.08 C6145 2001
Cowboy Love Poetry:  Verse from the Heart of the West, 811.08 C8745-1
Dance the Tightrope:  New Love Poems by Women, ; 821.08 D1735
Essential Poems (To Fall in Love With),  808.1 E785
The Faber Book of Love Poems, 808.1 F1155 1983
Gay Love Poetry,  808.1 G2855
The Handbook of Heartbreak; 808.1 H2365
The Hell With Love:  Poems to Mend a Broken Heart,  808.1 H4765
Love Poetry Out Loud, ; 821.08 L8975-1
Love Songs and Sonnets,808.1 L8965-4
Love Speaks its Name : Gay and Lesbian Love Poems; 811.08 L8975
Love in Verse:  Classic Poems of the Heart, 808.1 L8965-5
Love's Witness:  Five Centuries of Love Poetry by Women, 808.1 L9117
Medieval Love Poetry, 808.1 M4895-1
No Bliss Like This:  Five Centuries of Love Poetry by Women; 808.1 L9117 2007
One Hundred and One Poems of Romance, 808.1 O575-4
Penguin Book of Love Poetry, 808.1 P3973 1986
Poems Between Women:  Four Centuries of Love, Romantic Friendship, and Desire, 808.1 P7445-9
Random House Treasury of Favorite Love Poems; 808.1 R1945-2
Random House Treasury of Favorite Love Poems, revised edition; 808.1 R1945-2 2004a
A Rock Against the Wind:  African-American Poems and Letters of Love and Passion, 811.08 R6825
Love Poetry by Individual Authors
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett.  Sonnets from the Portuguese and Other Love Poems; 821 B884-12
Browning, Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Poems and Letters; 821 B885-58
Byron, George Gordon.  The Love Poems of Lord Byron:  A Romantic's Passion;  821 B996-26
cummings, e.e.  Love:  Selected Poems; 811 C971-21
cummings, e.e.  Erotic Poems 811 C971-22
Donne, John.  The Love Poems of John Donne; 821 D685-13
Eluard, Paul.  The Last Love Poems of Paul Eluard; 841 E51-3
Gallagher, Tess.  Portable Kisses; 811 G162-6
Giovanni, Nikki.  Love Poems; 811 G5115-8
Herrick, Robert, The Love Poems of Robert Herrick and John Donne; 821 H566-5
hooks, bell.  When Angels Speak of Love; 811 H784
Lee, Li-Young.  The City in Which I Love You; 811 L4785-1
Murasaki Shikibu.  A String of Flowers, Untied:  Love Poems from the Tale of Genji; 895.23 M972-6
Neruda, Pablo.  Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair; 861 N454-7 1993a
Ovid.  The Love Poems; 871 O9Me 1998
Sanchez, Sonia.  Like Singing Coming Off the Drums:  Love Poems; 811 S2115-10
Sexton, Anne.  Love Poems; 811 S518-4 1999
Shakespeare, William.  The Love Poems & Sonnets 822.33 S6-1
Shamlu, Ahmad.  The Love Poems of Ahmad Shamlu;  891.5 S528
Swenson, May.  The Love Poems of May Swenson; 811 S9745-7