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Meet the Author: Amy Talkington, author of Liv, Forever

Mary McCoy, Senior Librarian, Art, Music, & Recreation Department,
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The LA Teen Author Series returns to Central Library on Saturday, February 14 at 2pm with a panel of authors that includes Susan Adrian (Tunnel Vision), April Lindner (Love, Lucy), Jennifer Niven (All the Bright Places), Amy Talkington(Liv, Forever), and Sandra Waugh (Lark Rising). Copies of their books will be available for sale and signing courtesy of the Library Store.

In her debut novel, screenwriter Amy Talkington cooks up a boarding school murder mystery and ghost story with a dash of romance, too.

One moment, Liv Bloom is a scholarship student at exclusive Wickham Hall, the next, she’s a ghost. Not a recluse. Not a shell of her former self. An actual ghost. And as she learns in the afterlife, Wickham Hall is full of them, all students who have been murdered over the school’s grisly 150-year history.

Liv sets out to solve her own murder from beyond the grave with the help of Gabe, a fellow scholarship student who can see ghosts, and Malcolm, the boy Liv had fallen for shortly before she met her end. Over the course of their investigation, signs seem to point towards The Victors, an exclusive and shady secret society at Wickham… and Malcolm happens to be a member. Who can Liv trust? And even if she can solve the crime, how can she bring her killer to justice?

Amy recently talked to us about the exciting new project she’s working on, the advice she’d like to give her teenage self, and the best piece of fan mail she’s ever received.

What is your favorite love story and why?

At the moment I'm obsessed with the love story in VALLEY GIRL. For you teens out there, VALLEY GIRL is a cult movie from the 80s that is a “Romeo and Juliet” love story between a valley girl and a punk rocker from Hollywood. I first saw the movie in middle school and it became the road map for all of my high school romances (for better or worse). And, remarkably I was hired to write the remake of the movie! So I’ve been reliving – and relishing -- that awesome VALLEY GIRL love story.

If you could go back in time, what advice on love and friendship would you give to your teen self?

“You are worthy of being loved.” I never wanted to admit that I felt unworthy of love. And instead, I acted aloof and disinterested. But it was a total lie, and until I came clean with myself, I wasn’t able to truly love myself or anyone else. This is something that I explored in LIV, FOREVER. Liv takes that journey – she learns how to open herself up to loving and being loved. Sadly, in the book, she has to die in order to learn that.

What’s the best piece of fan mail you ever received?

I cannot pinpoint one specific piece of fan mail but I’ve been shocked by how many people have written to tell me how emotional they got at the end of LIV, FOREVER. I had no idea the book would cause so many tears. Of course, that means a lot to me – that the readers are so emotionally involved. Also, I secretly hoped the book might inspire some fan art (especially because Liv is an artist), and so I get particularly thrilled when I receive fan art!

What is your secret superpower?

Multi-tasking. No question. You don’t even want to know what all I’m doing as I type this.