ALL NIGHT MENU by Sam Sweet | Los Angeles Public Library
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Kelly Wallace, Librarian, History Department,

Author Program:  ALL NIGHT MENU by Sam Sweet
Sunday, December 7th
@ 2:00 pm, Mark Taper Auditorium
(This program is free and open to the public.)

Sam Sweet's All Night Menu is a series of booklets about the untold histories of Los Angeles. Each volume contains eight addresses; each address reveals a different strand of L.A. culture. Using short paragraphs and single images, the stories encompass all time periods, subcultures, and sections of the city. Outwardly anonymous addresses unlock accounts of boxers, ballerinas, tattooers, taggers, matadoras, mentalists, and longshoremen.

A resident of Highland Park, Sweet has written about surfing, music, and Southern California for the New Yorker and the Paris Review.  As part of this program he will preview the latest volume and project an assortment of visual evidence unearthed during the research. 

To whet your interest, read the terrific review of volume one by David Ulin in the Los Angeles Times and author Sweet’s interview on L.A. Taco.

"Buildings are demolished, populations pass on, and neighborhoods mutate.  
The city changes.  Addresses do not.  Everything that happens, happens somewhere.  Each resident shares his address with the invisible
and the long departed."  Sam Sweet