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Gifts to Business & Economics Department - and the Donors

Galina Stoyanova , Librarian, Business & Economics Department,

It’s been interesting dealing with what we receive as gifts from our public. Some donations go to book sale; some cover gaps in our collection, and some become a collection within our collection. Quite often we find an excellent folio about a specific industry history or a beautiful book on a prominent company that we did not have before. Just recently, we got a phone call from a patron who wanted to donate a subscription of Pizza Today, a much-needed periodical that was being delayed for months. Hopefully it will materialize soon and will provide us with coverage for the missing issues.At times, going over numerous boxes from our generous donors is overwhelming, especially when many books are dated or too technical or both. Knowing that in all donations there is always a treasure helps.

Here are a few photographs showing our current book truck of accepted donations.

Business donations

Business donations

Business donations


In addition to these stars, there are many more (not so photogenic, but nevertheless needed) – Principles of Corporate Finance, Fixing Global Finance, Financial Accounting – Tools for Business Decision Making,The Corporate Records, Celebrate the Century – a Collection of Commemorative Stamps just to name a few. What our donors do not need is gladly accepted and become treasures to share with our patrons.