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PROM SEASON in the Southland

Social Science, Philosophy and Religion Department, Central Library,
Couple at the prom [graphic] / White's Studios from LAPL Photo Collection
"Danny and his prom date Bertha at San Fernando High School"
April brings an array of annual rites and rituals:  taxes, the home opener of Dodger Baseball, and prom season.
That dreaded annual ritual of gathering all those documents from the past year and making sure it's all in order so you can accurately fill out that confusing, complex tax form.  It's not bad if the government owes you money, especially if BOTH the federal AND state owe you sweet is that?!  It sure relieves some of the pain of wasting a beautiful spring day hunkered down in your crib working on your taxes.
Needless to say, here in Los Angeles, the home opener of Dodger baseball is a HUGE annual rite. The vibe around town is filled with excitement and great anticipation. Dodger blue is everywhere to see-from caps to t-shirts to windbreakers to flags proudly displayed on the wheels of your homie next door.  For every Dodger fan, each April brings a new season of hope for reaching the World Series and winning it all in October.
And then, April also brings Prom Season, the much anticipated annual high school ritual. Do you remember when you were in high school? (or should I ask, "can you remember when you were in high school?")   On any given Friday or Saturday evening around town in April, high school girls wearing beautiful prom dresses with their hair elaborately coiffed and walking with their prom dates can be seen heading to their prom venue. And the guys, let's not forget them. The guys can be seen dressed to the nines in their freshly pressed tuxedo with their hair gelled and styled perfectly, looking like they just finished a photo shoot to grace the cover of the next GQ magazine. Brings back memories?  Want to take a nostalgic walk back into time? Well, we have what the doctor ordered.
Here are some titles from the Social Science, Philosophy & Religion Department:
American prom by Richard G. Calo
American Prom Bookjacket
Emily Post prom and party etiquette by Cindy Post Senning and Peggy Post
Prom and Party Bookjacket
Kings & Queens Bookjacket
Prom Night Bookjacket
The Time of My Life Bookjacket
Come to Social Science, Philosophy & Religion Department for a blast from the past. And guys, if you were one of those who wore a baby blue tux to the prom, PLEASE leave it at home and hang it next to dad's leisure suit - where it belongs!