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Tumblr for Book Lovers

Eileen Ybarra, Librarian III, Electronic Resources,

For those not familiar with what tumblr is - in short, tumblr is a combination of a social networking site and a microblogging site. What this means is that people can follow other people’s tumblr blogs, in a type of friends network. However, it is also a microblogging site, which means that tumblr is really best for creating very short blog posts or quick updates. You can choose different colors, graphics and fonts for the way your tumblr blog looks to anyone who views it on-line. People can choose to “follow” your tumblr blog and they will consistently get updates on your tumblr blog when they log into the tumblr site. You can also choose to “follow” other people’s blogs as well and you also will get consistent updates on other blogs when you sign into tumblr. Following tumblr blogs and having people follow your our tumblr blog can create a type of social network. Tumblr also provides a way for people within the same “follower” network to send direct messages to each other. Tumblr makes it very easy for anyone to attach photos, music clips, gifs, and video clips to one’s blog - and also to insert quotes and web links. One can also option to write blog entries in text format. 

An important thing to note: you do not necessarily have to sign up for tumblr in order to look at tumblr blogs. Each tumblr blog has it’s own website address that is accessible to anyone who wants to view it on a device with Internet access. However, signing up for a tumblr account is very easy and it’s one more way to easily access many different blogs by following them and creating your own tumblr network of consistent updates for the blogs you follow. According to a 2013 Time Magazine article about tumblr “Tumblr currently boasts 108.4 million blogs with 50.9 billion posts.”  Because there are so many blogs and types of blogs, tumblr can be another rich resource for finding out more information about almost anything.  It can also be an overwhelming resource since there is just so much original content available on tumblr.  In terms of what book lovers may like to find on tumblr, the following blogs and articles point to some of the best resources on tumblr for finding book reviews, information on books in general, and basically all things literary:

1.The 25 Best Tumblr Accounts for Book Nerds

A collection of tumblr blogs that include blogs produced by publishing houses, blogs on book recommendations, best tumblr blogs by authors and blogs by independent bookstores.


2. 20 Literary Tumblrs That Are Killing It

For book nerds, by book nerds, with some beer, cats, and a few chickens thrown in


3. L.A Times Books Tumblr

A tumblr by LA Times books in general and Carolyn Kellogg in particular.


4. The New York Review of Books

The premier literary-intellectual magazine in the English language.’


5. The Paris Review on Tumblr

Description by the Paris Review on Tumblr: For "the good writers and good poets, the non-drumbeaters and non-axe grinders. So long as they're good." We are a quarterly literary magazine that was founded in 1953. 


6. Teen Book Reviews

“This blog is dedicated to reviews on YA (young adult) books.”


7. “Lists and Notable Articles: Dashboard? More Like Bookshelf: Your Guide to Literary Tumblrs”

The Millions is an on-line arts, culture and books magazine, and the below link goes to a “The Millions” article containing curated lists of the best tumblr literary blogs.