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Let the signs be with you

Business & Economics Department, Central Library,
A bookshelf signage that used for Business & Economics collection 338’s is described with a freeway between mountains and trees.

Tired of wandering around 16,560 square feet of stacks in Business & Economics Department looking for the 338’s?  Let us help -- reset your LAPL-GPS mapping system with our new transportation themed bookshelf signage.  The department has renamed major sections of the book stacks according to the Los Angeles freeway system and other major transportation byways.  We completed this major transportation project on time and on budget, without spending a dime of Federal shovel-ready stimulus dollars.


Using true cardinal directions, the east/west bookshelf sections are labeled Highway I-10 and Highway I-210 and the north/south sections are now Highway I-405 and Highway I-5.  We also pay tribute to our railroad aficionados by labeling the stack section with transportation books (384 to 388), the Red Car.  You can use the Department’s redesigned floor map to navigate our subject areas and their respective shelving areas.  For example, QuickBooks 657.018 are shelved in the eastern end of the I-210 and stamp-collecting books, 383.1, are located along the I-5.

Are the freeways too imposing for your reading taste?  Get off on Route 66 and peruse the 115+ magazines on display in our periodical section.  Still lost?  Find one of our helpful messenger clerks pushing book trucks with California vanity plates and they can guide you to your call number section.  At the Information Desk or on the floor, we’re always happy to provide assistance on the information highway.



On the road again: Trains, Planes and Automobiles

The Business & Economics Department is home to a large variety of transportation subjects:  railroads, freeways, local transit, Pacific Electric Railway, shipping, trucking to name a few.  We’ve described a few highlights of the collection for your reading enjoyment.

Official Railway Guide: Freight Service

1868-2010, some years missing

Includes national carrier services and facilities (with maps); regional carrier services and facilities; inter-modal transportation connections; railway stations (by country, state/province, city).  Past issues of the Official Railway Guide for both freight and passenger service have been digitized and available through Google Books.

The Great Railroad Revolution : The History of Trains in America by Christian Wolmar.

Looks at the railroad's impact on American society in the nineteenth century, from its ability to move goods and people great distances to its role in making the United States a world power.

On the move : transportation and the American story by Janet F. Davidson & Michael S. Sweeney.

Illustrated companion to the America on the Move exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History and the five-part History Channel series depicting the drastic effects that transportation revolutions such as superhighways have on landscape and society.

Hip to the trip : a cultural history of Route 66 by Peter B. Dedek.

Covers the history and cultural meaning of the highway of Route 66.

Divided highways : building the interstate highways, transforming American life
by Tom Lewis.

Tells the story of the largest engineered structure ever built: the Interstate Highway System.

License plates of the United States : a pictorial history, 1903-to the present
by James K. Fox

Illustrates and explains every automobile license plate issued in the United States, from the early porcelains of 1903 up to the nineties.  License plates from 50 states and every year are provided, along with examples of plates issued prior to statehood.

Transit maps of the world by Mark Ovenden

Comprehensive collection of historic and current maps of every rapid-transit system in the world.  Using colorful graphics, the author traces the history of mass transit-including rare and historic maps, diagrams, and photographs.

Ride the big red cars : the Pacific Electric story by Spencer Crump.

Chronicles the development and history of Southern California’s interurban system, the Pacific Electric Railroad.

I invented the modern age : the rise of Henry Ford by Richard Snow

Fascinating narrative of Henry Ford's rise to fame--as well as his creative personality and spirit--through his greatest invention, the Model T, the car transformed our nation in a decade.