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The Business and Economics Collections: An Overview

Galina Stoyanova , Librarian, Business & Economics Department,
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We have Business & Economics subjects covered very nicely. Our patrons contact us with questions like   - What was the exchange rate between US Dollar and British Pound in 1886? – I am looking for statistics on dry milk imports to Jamaica from the US in 1990s; - What’s the comparison for the US Gross Domestic Product in 1870 and 2012?


Business & Economics Department has two special collections very popular with our patrons – Small Business Collection and Job & Career Collection. It all is a part of our covered subjects, so no surprises here. But at times, people are surprised finding answers to their inquiries in our department rather than elsewhere, and in this post you will see examples of such “unexpected” finds.We are all about variety in Business & Economics, and here is how.

“Hobbies” belong to Art Department (call number 790) while Stamp Collecting belongs to Business & Economics (call number 383) A collector of Paper Money will find his catalogs in Business & Economics (Dewey number 332.01) while a Coin collector will be referred to Arts Department (Dewey number 737)

Patrons interested in Cruise Ships guide books (910.2) go to History Department, but those interested in Shipping and Ocean travel will find their books in our department (call numbers 386.374 – 387.5)  “Titanic” earned her own call number in History department (910.41) while a book called “Beau Voyage:  life aboard last great ships” is ours (387.5 B858-1 folio.) Without consulting catalog one probably won’t go to Business & Economics Department to read “Seven Centuries of Sea Travel: from the crusaders to the cruises” (387.5) There is a lot of interesting examples of “almost overlapping” with other Central Library Departments, i.e. – “The Story of the Clipper Ship” is in 387.5 H442 in Business Department and “Schooner Sunset: the last British sailing coasters” is with Science Department (call number 623.822 B469)

Our periodical Financial Times started new Supplement – “How to Spend Money” and they offer their insight on “How to” in a broad spectrum of purchases – from Travel to Interior Decoration, to Buying Jewelry.

When planning a vacation our patron goes to Travel section in History Department whereas if one considers running a business, seeks employment or plans retirement abroad our Country Commerce (330.904) books are right on target!

Our collection is extremely exciting!