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The burning air

The MacBrides, a well-educated upper class English family, have gathered together for a weekend at their country estate to mourn their matriarch’s untimely and sudden death from cancer. All the MacBride children are grown and have brought along their children, spouses, and assorted significant others for this weekend gathering. The eldest daughter, Sophie, is a thirty something woman recovering from a severe case of post-partum depression and a nearly broken marriage. It is a tense, and sad gathering and even more anxiety is thrown in when Sophie’s brother brings along a new girlfriend for this intimate gathering, even though no one has met her before. Things soon turn awry when the new girlfriend is suspected of burning clothing that once belonged to this family’s matriarch, and on one harrowing night, she kidnaps Sophie’s youngest child. Things soon unravel even further when it is revealed that Sophie’s sister’s boyfriend, is behind the kidnapping. Through a ghastly recalling of events, it is revealed that this boyfriend, Matt, has been essentially stalking the MacBrides for over a decade, nursing deep resentments, jealousies and plans to ruin them all. This taut psychological thriller explores grave family secrets and where dark twisted lies can ultimately lead.