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Periodicals in the Business & Economics Department

Galina Stoyanova , Librarian, Business & Economics Department,
Magazine covers of a random selection of business magazines with trade or industry focus

Take a look at the randomly selected titles above – did you know how diverse our paper holdings are? After all budget cuts and loss of many titles, after having more and more periodicals included in databases or available on the internet, lots of business magazines with trade or industry focus are still being offered for research and browsing in the Business & Economics Department.

We all know that changes rock our world for both good and bad and nothing has changed more in libraries than the way we use our print collections.  Do we as Librarians always remember that some information is not readily available on our fingertips?  Where would we normally look for a good article about the Watts Tower Park? It’s unlikely that we send a patron to the Business & Economics Department to browse our subscription of  Land & People, but why shouldn’t we?

All following requests and questions have perfect answers in the Business & Economics Department magazines –

I’m looking for Top Diversity Employers for college graduates.
Where is a good article on why regulation should address all nicotine delivery products? 
What are the growth projections by state for youth bedroom furniture?
Can I find an entire magazine issue devoted to a shoe manufacturing company?
Can I get a list of companies that are members of the Roller Skating Association?
What are top Spanish-formatted radio stations, with number of listeners & time spent listening?
Where can I find mobile ad spending for Eastern Europe?
Are there Yellow Pages for Pizza Industry?
How did household cleaning products changed during the past fifty years?
Where can I find data on USA green coffee imports by origin?
Is there a list of new products for scrap industry with descriptions and illustrations?  Can you find me a list of women’s skincare products with prices, brands & manufacturers?
Where can I find data on disposable medical nonwoven fabric demand?  

The Business & Economics Department pays about $20,000 for near 100 titles of periodicals subscription, and our patrons regularly browse through and do research using those titles. 

The unavoidable trend in the paper magazine publishing is no secret.  According to the Encyclopedia of American Industries, in 2012 the continual slowdown caused the magazine and periodical industry to lose 0.4 percent of its worth, down to $43.1 billion. Prior to that, companies in the industry had been dying off at a rate of 3.4 percent per year and were down to only 5,167 U.S. companies in 2012.
In the meantime, the die-hard publications deserve our attention!