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Summer Fun in the Children's Literature Department

Joanna Fabicon, Librarian, Children's Literature Department,
Letter of Empathy from Children's Librarians to Santa and Elves

It may not be the holiday season, but this time of year is still the busiest for the staff of the Children’s Literature Department. Instead of checking lists for naughty and nice, librarians throughout the city are ordering craft supplies, developing book discussion topics, and resourcefully putting together food-related programs for the upcoming Summer Reading Club, “Reading is So Delicious”.

Along with the hectic nature of preparing and planning, there is also an energizing sense of anticipation. The summer months give Children’s Librarians more of a chance to interact with young patrons and find out where their interests lie outside the parameters of school assignments. Fueling those interests are tons of Summer Reading Club incentives: a game board to keep track of hours read, a tote bag, bookmarks, stickers, and other rewards. Weekly programs, storytimes, and performers provide more exposure to favorite and soon-to-be-favorite books.

Book Café, the newest addition to our program offerings, is what we’ll be doing at the Department to support children in creating their own community of readers. Boys and girls in grades 4-6 who join Book Café will get a copy of “Pie” by Sarah Weeks and “Cold Cereal” by Adam Rex. Every Wednesday will bring a set of related discussions, snacks, and activities that will broaden their appreciation of reading for pleasure.

And the added bonus of reading for fun? Come mid-August, kids go back to school motivated and ready to learn, having spent the summer positively engaged with books.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for upcoming Summer Reading displays and postings. Like us on Facebook. Call, comment, or email us if you’re interested in Book Café. Share the above trailer with the kids in your life. Bookmark Los Angeles Public Library’s Calendar of Events for either the Children’s Literature Department or your neighborhood branch. As we gear up for June 3, the first day of reading club signups, we can’t help feeling excited. It’s going to be a delicious summer!