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Test Center

Social Science, Philosophy and Religion Department, Central Library,
Book Shelves Filled With Test Preparation Books

Although not as inevitable as death and taxes, most of us will have to take a standardized test at some point in our lives, either for educational assessment or for employment. To help you in the face of this near-inevitability, the Los Angeles Public Library system offers test preparation resources in both print and online formats.

In Central Library’s Social Science, Philosophy & Religion Department, the test preparation material is shelved separately from the rest of the collection in an area called the “Test Center”, located near the reference desk. Within this area you will find books to help you prepare for educational tests such as the GED, SAT, GRE, GMAT and TOEFL, and civil service employment tests. Some of the review books are comprehensive and help the reader prepare for all parts of the test, while others focus only on a specific part of the test, such as the mathematics portion.

The Social Science, Philosophy & Religion Department has the largest collection of test prep books in the system, but each library branch has a selection. To find your book, search the library catalog at http://www.lapl.org/catalog. If you are looking for a review book for an educational test such as the GED, ASVAB or SAT, type in the name of the test plus the phrase study guides into the search box, for example, sat study guides.

If you are looking for a civil service/employment preparation book, type in the name of the job followed by the word examination, for example, secretary examination.  If your search returns no results, then look at the job bulletin for a list of desired skills. It is possible that we have something to help you review for a portion of the test.

If you prefer to study online, or all of the hardcopy materials are checked out, then try LAPL’s online resources.

LAPL subscribes to two test preparation resources: LearningExpress Library and Testing and Education Reference Center. You can access these with a valid LAPL card from the Research and Homework section of our website (http://www.lapl.org/collections-resources/research-and-homework). After you have accessed your selected database, you can create your user profile, so you can take interactive practice tests and read e-books.

Although not focused solely on test preparation, the Universal Class and ed2go  resources are worth checking out. Both allow you to take free online classes with expert instructors. There are many classes offered in addition to test preparation, so this is the place to start if you want to learn anything from Computers & Technology to Cooking to Crafts & Hobbies.

You can also access test preparation e-books from the Overdrive e-media and Axis 360 e-books collections, available on the E-Media section of our website (http://www.lapl.org/collections-resources/e-media). You will need a valid LAPL card to check out the e-books. Within each database, you can search by the name of the test you are studying. Search by subject to get a complete overview of the available titles. In Overdrive, click on the subject heading study aids and workbooks, and in Axis 360, click on the subject heading study aids. By using the online materials, you can impress your family and friends with your great test score even though they never saw you carrying around a heavy test book. Take some time to explore each database to see what they have to offer!

If you have any questions, please call the Social Science, Philosophy & Religion Department at (213) 228-7300.