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Books vs. Movies, Part 2

Glen Creason, Librarian III, History & Genealogy Department,
An open movie book

Part II (see part 1 here)

92 B 717 Bu
Saga of Billy the Kid movie: “Billy the Kid”
Walter Noble Burns
Wallace Beery is back in this 1930 King Vidor spectacle but this time as Pat Garrett.

92 P322 Fa
Ladislas Farago
The last guy in the world you want as your supervisor when you call in sick.

975.82 B488
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
John Berendt
You could never dream a history of the city of Savannah, Georgia could be so spicy. Book is one of the department’s hottest circulators.

Out of Africa
Isak Dinesen
Out of Africa will get out your handkerchiefs and make for a terrific read or movie experience.

940.53492 T 289
The Hiding Place
Corrie Ten Boom
More of an ordeal than a pleasant experience in the theater or with the book but the religious aspect of her struggle in the concentration camp has inspired many.

959.7 M822
We Were Soldiers Once
Harold G. Moore
Before Mel Gibson was crazy he made a very fine movie about the battle of La Drang in the early stages of the Vietnam war. Remarkable in that it portrays the Viet-Cong forces with respect.

940.5345 V371
Wynford Vaughan-Thomas
Great cast but not so great movie with Robert Mitchum perfectly cast a grizzled war-correspondent.

947.08 R324
Ten Days That Shook the World (movie: “Reds”)
John Reed
Epic film on the Bolshevik Revolution that garnered Warren Beatty the oscar for best director and drove thousands to read the rather dense but amazing eye-witness account of journalist John Reed.

940.53914 B846-1
The Great Raid (on Cabanatuan: rescuing the doomed ghosts of Bataan and Corregidor)
William B. Breuer
A rather thrilling book detailing a truly heroic rescue of American prisoners of War. The movie is a rather thrilling last-third of the film about a heroic rescue.

92 H1673
Alex Haley
Probably the all-time most popular book because of the film version in the history of the History department. This not counting the run on Samurai books after “Shogun.”

967.73 B784
Black Hawk Down
Mark Bowden
Edge of your seat movie and edge of your recliner book.

951.9 M369-1
Pork Chop Hill
S.L.A. Marshall
The great Gregory Peck saves the grim tale of one of the Korean War’s most bloody engagements.