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The map of the sky : a novel

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Palma, Felix J.
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When Horsell Common is invaded by strange ships from another world, Scotland Yard seeks out H.G. Wells, whose new novel The War of the Worlds bears an uncanny resemblance to recent occurrences. Did Wells know about the Martian invasion prior to its happening? In the second book of a planned trilogy, following up 2011's The Map of Time, Felix Palma spins a gripping tale of alien invasion and time travel.

Palma has won the following awards: Cadiz Latin American Story Award, 2003, for the short story "Los Arácnidos" ("The Arachnids"); Luis Berenguer Award for Novel, 2005, for Las Corrientes Oceánicas; Ateneo de Sevilla XL Prize, 2008, for El Mapa del Tiempo.  [Contemporary Authors Online 2012, Literature and Resource Center]