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The art forger : a novel

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Shapiro, Barbara A., 1951-
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Claire Roth is a painter with a dubious talent: she’s extremely adept at creating canvases that mimic the style of other artists. This ability has already landed her in hot water, when an ex-lover’s painting becomes an art world sensation, despite the fact Claire actually painted it. When Claire tries to prove she’s the real artist behind her former boyfriend’s work, she is summarily blackballed by both museums and galleries. Enter shady gallery owner Aiden Markel, who will revive Claire’s career and reputation by giving her a one-woman show, if she’s willing to paint one last forgery for him. This fast-paced thriller combines a twisty plot with a real-life crime: the 1990 unsolved theft of $500 million dollars worth of paintings from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.