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Front lines

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There are some young adult books that have terrific appeal as crossover fiction for adult readers. The new Front Lines series of books are just those kind of books.

Young adult and children’s author Michael Grant has outdone himself with his new series, Front Lines. In his newest and most masterfully done work, he transports readers to a re-imagined scenario concerning World War II. At a time when young men are going off to fight Nazi Germany, a court decision pulls in both males and females to the draft. These novels, in alternating chapters, take us to the war in various ways, through the eyes of three young women who serve their country with dignity and heart.

In Front Lines, set in 1942, readers meet Rio Richlin, a white girl from California. Tall and strong from working on her family farm, she quickly becomes one of her unit's best shots. Frangie Marr, an African-American soldier from Tulsa, Oklahoma, joins to help her family and is enlisted as a medic. Although constantly facing racism and sexism, she continuously helps those around her who are in need. Finally, there is Rainy Schulterman, a Jewish girl from New York City. Her gift with languages makes her perfect for work in the intelligence sector of the war. Readers will root for all three as they take their various paths in the conflict of war. A cast of secondary characters flesh out a story you won’t soon forget.

The second book, Silver Stars, throws the reader into the summer of 1943 where we rejoin Frangie, Rainy and Rio in Italy for operations that are under heavy fire. Grant plunges the reader headfirst into the horrors of war, alongside each of our main characters. From being shot to losing cohorts to torture, our three main characters take on more than their share of misery and insanity. These captivating and heart-wrenching novels make the pages fly by. Readers will become immersed in the lives of these three women who are faced with tragedy, love, and inspiration. Adults and teens who have a love for historical fiction, won’t want to miss this series.