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Young Adult Books for Adults

Updated: December 14, 2012

These books may have been marketed to the teens in your life, but they're anything but adolescent!

McNamee, Graham.
Duncan is doing court ordered community service in the Lost and Found Department of the Toronto Transit Authority. One day while looking for a book to read he finds a diary that belongs to a serial killer. Duncan and his friends are the only ones who can save the victims. "Me and you going after this guy, ... it's like the Hardy Boys meet Hannibal Lecter." Readers of any age will be drawn into this edgy suspense tale

Anderson, M. T.
Call Number:
In the future nearly everyone has a "feed", a chip implanted in their brain to keep them constantly online. Titus is happy in his world until he meets Violet, a young girl who is fighting against the feed. This book has one of the best first lines ever, "We went to the moon to have fun, but the moon turned out to completely suck." You'll never look at a bluetooth the same way again!

Bray, Libba.
Cameron has been diagnosed with Mad Cow Disease, an ultimately fatal condition. Hospitalized and possibly hallucinating, he's visited by Dulcie, a pink-haired angel in combat boots, who gives him hope. Cameron, who normally strives to fly under the radar, must go on an epic road trip to find his cure. On this wacky road trip he encounters a seriously hypochondriac dwarf, a Norse god trapped inside of a garden gnome, giants made of fire, a crazy cult, an underground New Orleans jazz club, and the mysterious Dr. X. A fun, satirical novel that also entertains deep philosophical discussions about reality, self-discovery, and the meaning of life.

Condie, Allyson Braithwaite.
Call Number: YA

In Cassia's world, the Society dictates her career, her education, and even the date of her death. But at her "Match Banquet," where she will learn the identity of her future spouse, two images flicker on the screen. The Society tells her it's a glitch, but Cassia has doubts and for the first time, thinks she might prefer making her own decisions.

King, A. S. 1970-
Vera is being haunted by the memory of her dead ex-best friend and troubled neighbor, Charlie. She knows he's haunting her so she will clear his name and set the record straight after his mysterious death last summer, but the memory of what he did to her before he died hurts Vera so deeply that she struggles to face the past.

Barnes, John, 1957-
Call Number:
Set in 1973, the story follows Karl Shoemaker's first week of his senior year as he juggles five jobs; deals with his frequently drunk, hippie, conspiracy theorist mother; keeps up with his troubled friends (the rest of the "Madman Underground"); and all of this while attempting to carry out a plan he's named "Operation Be #%($*&@ Normal." This is a raw week-in-the-life of a teenager and his pals looking for some kind of normal - if it is to found anywhere in their hometown.

Shusterman, Neal.
Call Number: SF

At the end of a civil war over reproductive rights, abortion is declared illegal in America. However, parents can decide to have their teenage children "unwound" - essentially harvested for parts. Connor's parents sign him over for unwinding because he's a delinquent. Risa is a ward of the state and not quite talented or valuable enough to be worth saving. Lev is a "tithe," or child born for the specific purpose of being unwound. Together, the three of them try to escape their fate.