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Twenty-First Century Terror

Updated: November 1, 2015

Tales of horror and the supernatural from the last decade.

McFerrin, Linda Watanabe, 1953-
Erin, a young dancer, travels to Tokyo to join her father and audition for a noted choreographer, but she soon finds herself marked for death by the Japanese mob, pursued by a lovesick ghoul named Clement, and threatened with being turned into a zombie.

Maberry, Jonathan.
Thirty years ago, the citizens of Pine Deep, Pennsylvania, sent the serial killer called The Reaper to a grisly death. Now known as "the most haunted town in America" and a major tourist attraction, Pine Deep is unprepared for the real horrors lurking in its corn fields and ready to wreak havoc on Halloween.

Hill, Joe.
Aging rock star Judas Coyne enjoys collecting morbid and bizarre objects, so when he hears about a suit which is haunted by its dead owner, he snaps it up in an online auction. But the ghost that comes with the suit is a malevolent one--with a particular grudge against Judas.

Lamberson, Gregory, 1964-
Red Hill high school student John Grissom's penchant for heavy metal and horror films has caused his classmates to nickname him Johnny Gruesome. When Johnny's corpse is discovered in his car, The Death Mobile, beneath the icy surface of Willow Creek, the citizens of Red Hill assume his death was accidental. But Johnny's enemies soon start meeting horrible ends, accompanied by the sounds of a car engine and maniacal laughter.

Palahniuk, Chuck.
A reporter investigating a series of crib deaths discovers a poetry anthology containing an African "culling song" that will kill anyone you're thinking about while reciting it. He sets out across the country to find and destroy the 200 copies of the book in public libraries--but can he forget the chant himself before he kills everyone he knows?

Langan, Sarah.
Elementary school teacher Lois Larkin takes her class on a field trip from Corpus Christi, Maine, to nearby Bedford, recently destroyed in an environmental catastrophe. During their visit, one small, cruel boy unearths an ancient plague that transforms its victims into ravenous, flesh-eating monsters.

Piccirilli, Tom.
Call Number: Ed.a
College student Cal Prentiss returns from winter break to discover that a young woman was murdered in his dorm room during his absence. As Cal tries to penetrate what seems to be a conspiracy of silence, he finds himself haunted by the dead girl as well as his own beloved sister, a suicide years earlier. And blood keeps gushing from his hands...

Strand, Jeff.
What if your closest childhood friend grows up to be a murdering sociopath? When Alex first met Darren at a boarding school for misfits, their uneasy friendship came to an abrupt end after Darren sliced up another boy's dog. Years later Darren turns up at Alex's college, and his violent tendencies have only worsened--which is bad news for Alex and his new girlfriend.

Kenyon, Nate.
Sarah Voorsanger's psychokinetic abilities have caused her to be abandoned by her family; at age ten she's a virtual prisoner in a Boston hospital where a sinister pharmaceutical company experiments on her with various drugs. Grad student Jess Chambers, haunted by her own wretched childhood, sets out to rescue Sarah before her paranormal powers unleash a disaster.

Simmons, Dan.
Based on the real-life 1840s Franklin expedition to the Arctic in search of a Northwest Passage, this is the tale of the natural and supernatural horrors experienced by nearly 200 men aboard the ships Erebus and Terror. In addition to scurvy, frostbite, and botulism, the crew must contend with "the thing"--an enormous, vicious, intelligent bearlike creature.