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As Seen at ALOUD

Updated: October 25, 2015

Books by speakers at the award-winning ALOUD series at the Central Library, presented by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles.

Thornton, Sarah (Sarah L.),
Call Number: 701 T514

Mann, Charles C.
Call Number: 909 M281
In his bestseller 1491, Mann studied the Americas before Columbus. Here, he looks at "the Columbian Exchange," and the impact that contact between the Americas and Europe had on one another, and on the rest of the world.

Jacobsen, Annie.
Call Number: 629.00109793 J17
Investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen reveals a history of Area 51 that includes tales of cutting edge military tech development and testing, a la The Right Stuff, but goes light on the alien autopsies and UFO wreckage. Still, she makes a few controversial claims of her own that will be sure to intrigue and infuriate conspiracy theorists.

Karr, Mary.
Call Number: 808 K18

Hirshfield, Jane, 1953-
Call Number: 811 H6688

Fuller, Alexandra, 1969-
Call Number: 92 F965-1

The author of Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood writes this time about her parents and the colonial life they enjoyed in Africa.



McGuane, Thomas.

Timberg, Scott,
Call Number: 309.73 T583

Tzemach Lemmon, Gayle.
Call Number: 958 T998
Lemmon tells the story of Kamila Sediqi, an Afghani woman who starts a dressmaking business to support her family after Kabul falls under Taliban rule.

Jamison, Leslie, 1983-
Call Number: 814 J32

Groff, Lauren.

Leovy, Jill.
Call Number: 364.973 L588

Leovoy outlines a “ghettoside” killing (slaying of a young black man by another) in South Los Angeles, and the dedicated detective who pursues the assailant. This book follows the case and uses it to explore larger sociological questions about crime and policing.


Slahi, Mohamedou Ould.
Call Number: 323.40973 S631

Eltahawy, Mona, 1967-
Call Number: 301.412956 E51

Egyptian journalist and ardent feminist, Mona Eltahawy, fearlessly writes about misogyny in the Arab world, and calls for a women's revolution to match that of the Arab spring.

Braudy, Leo.
Call Number: 791.9 B825
Braudy explains how a 1920s real estate advertisement became an internationally recognized icon in this lively local history.

Moyo, Dambisa.
Call Number: 330.973 M9385
Moyo examines how recent policies surrounding technology, labor, and capital have led to economic decline in western nations. Go to ALOUD podcast

Kingston, Maxine Hong.
Call Number: 813 K553K
A memoir written in free verse by the beloved author of The Woman Warrior. Go to ALOUD podcast

Abuelaish, Izzeldin.
Call Number: 610.92 A1653
A Palestinian doctor whose daughters were killed during the Israeli incursion into Gaza in 2009 champions peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and declares that "anger is not the same thing as hate." Go to ALOUD podcast

Rachman, Tom.
A witty and charming debut about the struggles and triumphs of the staff at a struggling English-language newspaper in Italy. Go to ALOUD podcast

Brody, Leslie.
Call Number: 92 M683Br
A spirited biography about a woman who was born a member of the British nobility, but went on to become a New Deal bureaucrat, civil rights activist, and muckraking journalist. Go to ALOUD podcast

Robinson, Marilynne.

Sayles, John, 1950-
This new novel by acclaimed filmmaker and writer John Sayles is an ambitious epic saga that begins in 1897 with the Yukon Gold Rush, and ends with the Philippine-American War, Though it's hefty at over 1000 pages, Sayles keeps the action moving and creates characters that readers will care about.

Greene, Melissa Fay.
Call Number: 362.73 G811
The funny, honest, big-hearted story of how Greene and her husband raised nine children, both biological and adopted. How do they do it? Greene writes that even during shaky times, they "steered by the light of what brings us joy, what makes us laugh, and what feels right and true."

Lee, Chang-rae.

Common (Musician).
Call Number: 789.14 C734
From his childhood on the South Side of Chicago to his controversial invitation to perform at the White House, Common shares stories about his life as an activist, rapper, actor, son, and father. Each chapter in the memoir is structured around a letter written to someone who played an important role in his life.

Smith, Tracy K.
Call Number: 811 S6625S

Goldman, Francisco.

McCloud, Scott, 1960-
Call Number: 741.5 M127-3

Why do we make art? What does art cost us to create? David Smith is a struggling sculptor. When he makes a deal for the chance to make ground-breaking art instead of living a normal life, what is he really giving up? Scott McCloud tells a heartbreaking story about creation, love, and loss with beautiful line drawings and haunting style.


Lepore, Jill, 1966-
Call Number: 741.5 W872Le

Norman, Jessye.
Call Number: 789.14 N842

A true diva is a distinguished female opera singer who strives for the best in her own work and expects the same from everyone with whom she works in order to create a marvelous experience for an audience. Jessye Norman is the full embodiment of a diva on stage and off, always striving for the best in life and art. 

On May 15, 2014, Jessye Norman was a guest at Aloud, and you can hear the podcast.

Jones, Bill T.
Call Number: 793.324 J76-2

Hirshfield, Jane, 1953-
Call Number: 809.1 H669-1

Hochschild, Adam.
Call Number: 940.342 H685
A unique look at the experience of the war from the viewpoint of those who viewed World War I as madness - and worked to end it.

Chang, Jeff,
Call Number: 301.45096 C456