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Hail to the Chief: Presidential Biographies

Updated: November 5, 2012

Baker, Jean H.
Call Number: 92 B919Ba
A brief, yet potent, eviscerating of perhaps America's worst president ever.

McCullough, David G.
Call Number: 92 A214Mc
The source for the HBO miniseries. Long, but easily readable book.

Remini, Robert Vincent, 1921-
Call Number: 92 J123Re-5 2001
Condensation of the three-volume epic about the guy whose face we see at ATMs all the time.

Donald, David Herbert, 1920-2009.
Call Number: 92 L736Dona 1996
The definitive one-volume biography of Abraham Lincoln is crammed with factual detail.

Goodwin, Doris Kearns.
Call Number: 92 R7792Goo
No Ordinary Time exhaustively covers the war years, the most tumultuous time in FDR's presidency and the Roosevelts's marriage. This is the only dual biography of the Roosevelts that fully acknowledges Eleanor's commitment to the war effort.

Borneman, Walter R., 1952-
Call Number: 92 P768Bo
The obscure, yet powerful president who expanded the nation and also set it on the path to Civil War.

Cannon, Lou.
Call Number: 92 R2879Ca-1
Conclusion of a long series about the 40th President by a man who followed his political career from the outset.

Morris, Edmund.
Call Number: 92 R781Morr-1
Part of a series examining a transformational figure in American history.

Dallek, Robert.
Call Number: 92 K35Dal
The author was given unprecedented access to Kennedy's medical records, and reveals a disquieting and sometimes disturbing look at how sick the 35th President was during his entire life.