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These podcasts are recorded live in Los Angeles Central Library's Mark Taper Auditorium as part of the award-winning ALOUD at Central Library speaker series presented by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles. ALOUD podcasts are updated on a weekly basis. Initial funding for ALOUD podcasts was made possible by Arent Fox LLP.


Frans de Waal, Amy Parish
April 17, 2013
Religion/Spirituality, Science/Nature, Social Sci/Politics
Cheryl Strayed, Judith Lewis Mernit
April 10, 2013
California/The West, Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature, Religion/Spirituality, Science/Nature
Caroline Kennedy, Eloise Klein Healy
April 9, 2013
Arts & Entertainment, Fiction/Literature, Poetry
Aleksandar Hemon, Louise Steinman
April 4, 2013
Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature
Alexandra Katona-Carroll, Jay Ruskey, Angel Orozco, Peter Giuliano
March 21, 2013
Science/Nature, Social Sci/Politics
Marisa Silver, Meghan O'Rourke
March 19, 2013
Arts & Entertainment, Fiction/Literature, History/Bio
Mohsin Hamid, David Treuer
March 14, 2013
Bernie Krause
March 12, 2013
Arts & Entertainment, Science/Nature, Technology
Nathan Englander, David L. Ulin
March 5, 2013
Gavin Newsom, Patt Morrison
February 26, 2013
California/The West, Current Events, Fiction/Literature, Social Sci/Politics
Hanna Rosin, Kathy Spillar, Tani Ikeda, Carol Downer, Amy Parish, Betty Friedan
February 21, 2013
Current Events, Fiction/Literature, History/Bio, Social Sci/Politics
Dr. Robert Peter Gale, Eric Lax
February 11, 2013
Current Events, History/Bio, Science/Nature, Social Sci/Politics, Technology
George Saunders, Bernard Cooper, Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum
February 6, 2013
Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature
Diego Luna, Mandalit del Barco
January 29, 2013
Arts & Entertainment, Biography, California/The West, Essay/Memoir, Social Sci/Politics
Nick Flynn, Elvis Mitchell
January 24, 2013
Arts & Entertainment, Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature, Social Sci/Politics
Jenny Watts, Christopher Hawthorne, D.J. Waldie
January 17, 2013
California/The West, Science/Nature
Amy Wilentz
January 15, 2013
Jeff Bridges, Bernie Glassman
January 10, 2013
Anne Lamott
December 10, 2012
Fiction/Literature, Religion/Spirituality
Natasha Trethewey
November 29, 2012
Jonathan Lethem, Daniel Mendelsohn
November 8, 2012
Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature
Rubén Martínez
November 7, 2012
California/The West, Fiction/Literature, Social Sci/Politics
Eboo Patel
October 30, 2012
Fiction/Literature, Social Sci/Politics
Tom Wolfe, René Auberjonois, Howard A. Rodman
October 29, 2012
Arts & Entertainment, Essay/Memoir, Fiction/Literature