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These podcasts are recorded live in Los Angeles Central Library's Mark Taper Auditorium as part of the award-wining ALOUD at Central Library speaker series presented by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles. ALOUD podcasts are updated on a weekly basis. Initial funding for ALOUD podcasts was made possible by Arent Fox LLP.


Daniel Biederman, Kathleen Bullard, Lewis MacAdams, Barry Sanders, Doug Suisman
March 11, 2009
Current Events
Gayle Greene
March 9, 2009
Others, Science/Nature
Antonya Nelson, Marisa Silver
March 4, 2009
Lawrence Weschler
February 25, 2009
Arts & Entertainment
Azadeh Moaveni
February 23, 2009
Essay/Memoir, Current Events
Norman Fischer
February 19, 2009
History/Bio, Religion/Spirituality
Jonah Lehrer
February 12, 2009
Sir Ken Robinson
January 29, 2009
Tom Curwen, William Deverell, Jenny Price, Page Stegner
January 28, 2009
Biography, History/Bio, Others, Science/Nature
Mariana Amatullo, Lucy Jones, Michael Dear, David Ulin, Dennis Mileti
January 22, 2009
Current Events
Terry Wolverton, David Ornette Cherry
January 21, 2009
Arts & Entertainment, Others
Denis Dutton
January 7, 2009
Arts & Entertainment, History/Bio, Science/Nature
Panther Alier, Craig Walzer, Rana Lintotawela
December 11, 2008
Current Events
Marisela Norte, Maria Elena Gaitan
December 8, 2008
Poetry, Others