All You Can Eat: Panel Discussion | Los Angeles Public Library
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All You Can Eat: Panel Discussion

Moderated by Evan Kleinman, host of KCRW's \"Good Food\"
Co-presented with KCRW
Monday, June 9, 2008
Episode Summary
Rising concerns over food safety and the environmental impact of industrialized agriculture suggest that the true costs of \"cheap\" calories are unsustainably high. As our food economy fast approaches its limits, California's innovative food community offers hope and a salad bar full of possible solutions.

Participant(s) Bio

*Please note, this panel discussion featured a screening of the film "Eat at Bill's: Life in the Monterey Market." The film portion of the program is not included in the podcast.

Lisa Brenneis is a drought-tolerant California native who grows organic citrus with her husband in Ojai, California. She recently finished her first feature-length video documentary, Eat at Bill's: Life in the Monterey Market. She supports her movie habit by writing technical reference books for Peachpit Press.

Bill Fujimoto was born in Caldwell ID, in 1946, and raised in Berkeley, CA. A 1968 graduate of the University of California, he worked for five years as a mechanical engineer at Lockheed, Sunnyvale, before deciding to join his parents' Berkeley store. Founded in 1962, Monterey Market is an independent market, specializing in fresh produce in season. Monterey Market currently grosses $15 million/yr at a single location in north Berkeley. The business has grown up with the food revolution in Northern California, and has a strong commitment to supporting local agriculture and sustainable farming practices. Bill Fujimoto was a founding member of the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Market Collaborative.