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poet laureate


North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains. Photo by Henry Hooper.
Luis J. Rodriguez, May 21, 2016

North Carolina has some of the most diverse terrain of any state—from the Great Smoky Mountains, which includes the Blue Ridge peaks of the massive Appalachian mountain range, to the Outer Banks on the Atlantic coast. The state is rich in bio-diversity, history, and people.

1994 photo of Luis Rodriguez and his then 19-year-old son Ramiro.
Luis J. Rodriguez, April 19, 2016

Any good craftsman carries his tools.
Years ago they were always at the ready.
In a car. In a knapsack.
Claw hammers, crisscrossed heads,

Luis J Rodriguez
Luis J. Rodriguez, March 02, 2016

Walk with the young, America;
be young, again, America,
among the defiant and awake,
solid in their dreams.
Be the revolution in the marrow
where passions, ideals, fervors,
purpose and courage,
are not just qualities
people had in history books,

Luis reading at L.A. Times Festival of Books at USC, April 2015
Luis J. Rodriguez, January 21, 2016

On historic Central Avenue near East 45th Street, the Vernon Branch Public Library looks like a jail—tall fences surround the circa 1915 building and a fenced walkway leads up to the doorway. Like the surrounding neighborhood, the library appears worn, beaten down.

John Trudell
Luis J. Rodriguez, December 14, 2015

Crazy Horse
We hear what you say
One Earth one Mother
One does not sell the Earth

A message wall speaks to life on the streets.
Luis J. Rodriguez, November 24, 2015

Every road should come to this end:
A place called home.
When you don’t have one
the expanse of sky is your roof,
the vacant lots and sidewalks your living room.
Every city, your city.

Luis J. Rodriguez. Photo by Kevin Scanlon
Luis J. Rodriguez, September 17, 2015

In the United States, “Latinx Heritage Month” is celebrated from September 15 to October 15. This is a time to recognize and honor Latinx peoples, cultures, issues, contributions, and histories.

Luis J Rodriguez at a Poetry Reading Event
Luis J. Rodriguez, July 23, 2015

The music from the stage at the Pacoima City Hall in June pulled a small crowd onto a makeshift seating area during the “Celebrating Words” Festival, sponsored by

Luis J. Rodriguez at age 21 in Watts with his first son Ramiro, age 1, and his first wife Camila. By then Luis was gang-free, drug-free and crime-free.
Luis J. Rodriguez, June 23, 2015

The calling came to me while I languished
in my room, while I whittled away my youth
in jail cells and damp barrio fields.