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Song A Day For A Month

Caroline Zakarian, Librarian, Lifelong Learning Department,

Song A Day For A Month is a challenge to all songwriters to write a song every day for one month on the website: This is a community where songwriters are challenged and inspired to create and share unpolished musical ideas without the pressures tied to creating “good” songs. 

The website was launched in January 2014 by Alex Wand, an LA-based, Grammy Award-winning musician and his computer programmer and musician brother, Paul Wand. Since its inception in January 2014 they have had four sessions where over 60 songwriters have uploaded over 2,000 songs.

Join us on Wednesday, February 3rd, in Meeting Room B from 6 – 8 pm where a dozen of the songwriters who wrote songs for the January 2016 Song A Day For A Month Challenge will perform their favorite songs. Performers will include Rufus Dumont, Wall, StellaAzul, yogurt, sunthemunsun, cc, katythekying, jakeselectronicmail, katshu, coop-a-loop, and more! 

Below is a sneak-peak from the upcoming concert.
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