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Holiday Handiwork DIY paper gift bows

Elizabeth Graney, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department,
paper gift bows

Couldn't make it to our last craft program? Never fear! We've got step by step instructions and a video in the post below to help you make your own recycled paper gift bows this holiday season. 

Recycled Paper Gift Bow Instructions: 

1. Take one sheet of paper from a magazine, book, map, or sheet music and cut into

          3 pieces that measure 10 ½” x ¾”

          3 pieces that measure 9 ½” x ¾”

          2 pieces that measure 8 ½” x ¾

          1 piece that measures 3 ½” x ¾”


2. Staple the ends of each piece together, leaving the smallest piece to the side:

diy gift bow instructions                                                  


diy gift bow instructions              

You'll end up with eight pieces that look like a figure eight (or an infinity loop.) 


3. Stack and glue the three longest pieces together:

diy gift bow instructions


4. Stack and glue in the three medium pieces (9 ½” long)

diy gift bow instructions


5. Stack and glue in the two smaller pieces (8 ½” long)

diy gift bow instructions


6. Glue the smallest pieces in the shape of a tube and glue it in the center of the stacked pieces.

diy gift bow instructions


And, voila!

diy gift bow instructions



Looking for a bit more instruction? Take a look at our video here 

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