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Conflicting Feelings and “Opposing Viewpoints”

Social Science, Philosophy and Religion Department, Central Library,

April brings conflicting feelings. The weather is warming up and you know what that means?  It’s time to have some fun outdoors. Barbeque season has arrived!  Throw that nice piece of ribeye steak on the grill and ‘cue it just right. Start filling that cooler with your favorite beverage and get it nice and cold.  These are just some of the good feelings and good times that get stirred up in April.

On the other hand, April also brings feelings of anxiety.  

For one thing, it’s tax time.  Need I say more?  UGH!!! 

The other source of April anxiety is term papers.  The school term is winding down and the pressure is cooking up.  Finals are around the corner and that term paper, the one you were to choose an issue, pick a side, and argue it, is near due.  You mean to say, you didn’t start it yet???!!  Well, don’t panic!  The Los Angeles Public Library has just the database you need to relieve some of that anxiety:  Opposing Viewpoints.  It’s just what you need. 

What is it?  Funny you should ask.  The technical name is Opposing Viewpoints in Context and it is an online resource covering today’s hottest social issues - over 19,000 pro and con viewpoints to be exact.  This database is cross-curricular and supports science, social studies, current events, and language arts classes.  It presents each side of an issue and helps you develop critical thinking skills - leading you to draw your own conclusions.  You can discover pro/con perspectives from recognized subject-matter experts and top journalistic sources.  In short, it’s an authoritative resource that your teacher or professor will respect.

How do you access it?  On web site click on Research and Homework.  Scroll down to the alphabet banner and click on the “O” and you’ll see in blue lettering “Opposing Viewpoints in Context.”  Click on the blue title and it will bring you to this database.  Please explore and go through Opposing Viewpoints in Context with a fine-toothed comb.  You’ll be amazed at how this fantastic resource can help you with your term paper and, hopefully, score that “A” you want.

If you have any questions, please give us a call here at the Social Science, Philosophy & Religion department and we can walk you through it.  Better yet, come in and we can help you at one of the terminals in front of the Reference Desk.  We can also introduce you to some of our other databases that can help you with other research needs. 

Now that you know about this resource and have it at your fingertips, you can get back to barbecuing and enjoy that ribeye you were grilling.  Be careful not to burn your fingers while barbecuing.  You’re going to need them to access the databases.