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On This Day: May 4

Keith Chaffee, Librarian, Collection Development,
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Great moments in history and popular culture happen every day, and ON THIS DAY will share a few of them with you. We’ll also point you to related resources in our collection, helping you to discover classic films, musical favorites, and historical tidbits. The primary focus will be on our e-material – e-books, e-audio, and downloadable and streamable music and film – but physical books and DVDs will also be part of the fun.

Jane Jacobs: The Death and Life of Great American Cities On this day in 1916, Jane Jacobs was born. Jacobs was a journalist and activist who argued that urban planning of the 1950s and 1960s ignored the needs of the people who actually lived in the neighborhoods being developed. She helped to stop neighborhoods from being demolished for new highways in both New York City and Toronto. Jacobs had no academic training in urban planning, and her critics often dismissed her as a "housewife" who didn't know what she was talking about. Her 1961 book The Death and Life of Great American Cities remains an influential book in urban planning and sociology; it's available as an e-book or e-audio at OverDrive, or in print.
Willi Bloess: Keith Haring: Next Stop Art On this day in 1958, Keith Haring was born. Haring was one of the most iconic artists of the 1980s, first coming to attention for his street art in New York City. Throughout his career, he was interested in erasing the lines between high art and pop art; street art, in the form of murals, would be an important component of his work until his death in 1990. His brightly colored two-dimensional figures are instantly recognizable, and Haring's reach into pop culture extends from the CD covers for the A Very Special Christmas series to the world's largest jigsaw puzzle, a 17 foot-by-6 foot puzzle based on several Haring works. Haring's life and work are the subject of Willi Bloess's Keith Haring: Next Stop: Art, which is available as an e-comic at Hoopla.
Williams: Star Wars: A New Hope And today is Star Wars Day. Fans of the science fiction saga celebrate on May the Fourth as a punning reference to the line "May the Force be with you." From the original trilogy of films, the Star Wars universe has expended (so far) to nine movies, several television series and specials, and dozens of novels. John Williams' scores for the main series of movies have been one factor in their success; they're available for streaming at Hoopla, starting with the first in the series, Star Wars: A New Hope.