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On This Day: May 30

Keith Chaffee, Librarian, Collection Development,
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Welcome to ON THIS DAY! Each day, we'll look at a few moments from history and popular culture. We'll show you where you can rediscover classic movies and music, or read more about great moments in history. We'll point you to e-books, downloadable and streamable music and film, and e-audio; and of course, we haven't forgotten about physical books or DVDs.

Pauline Oliveros: Crone Music On this day in 1932, Pauline Oliveros was born. Oliveros was a composer and accordionist who was an important figure in experimental and electronic music of the late 20th century. Oliveros's musical philosophy was one of "deep listening," the idea that the listener must consciously choose to devote full attention to the sounds around her, both musical and environmental. Several of Oliveros's electronic pieces are collected on Crone Music, which is available for streaming or download at Freegal.
Spellbound Today is the first day of the 90th Scripps National Spelling Bee finals. 291 spellers, aged 14 and younger, have qualified to take part, including a 5-year-old, the youngest finalist ever. Since 1994, the final round have been broadcast on ESPN; it's been popular enough that the earlier rounds of the three-day final have also been broadcast since 2006. The documentary Spellbound follows eight contestants through the 1999 National Spelling Bee; it's available on DVD.
Rachmaninoff/Hindemith/Brahms: Variations for piano and orchestra And the 15th Van Cliburn International Piano Competition is currently underway in Fort Worth, Texas. Thirty pianists enter the competition, which is held every four years; the six who survive to the final round will have performed three solo recitals (including a new work, commissioned specifically for the festival), two piano concertos, and a piano quintet. The winner will be announced on June 10. Recordings by several previous winners are available for streaming or download at Freegal, including the first winner, Ralph Votapek (in a program of Schubert sonatas), and the most recent winner, Vadym Kholodenko (playing variations by Rachmaninoff, Hindemith, and Brahms).