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On This Day: May 1

Keith Chaffee, Librarian, Collection Development,
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Great moments in history and popular culture happen every day, and ON THIS DAY will share a few of them with you. We’ll also point you to related resources in our collection, helping you to discover classic films, musical favorites, and historical tidbits. The primary focus will be on our e-material – e-books, e-audio, and downloadable and streamable music and film – but physical books and DVDs will also be part of the fun.

Judy Collins: Bohemian On this day in 1939, Judy Collins was born. Collins began her career in the early 1960s performing traditional folk songs and newer protest songs, but quickly broadened her repertoire. She began to perform her own songs, and was among the first to record songs by Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman and others, often before they had become well-known as performers themselves. Collins' biggest successes on the pop charts came with Mitchell's "Both Sides, Now" and Stephen Sondheim's "Send In the Clowns." Collins continues to record and perform, and her 2016 album Silver Skies Blue, recorded with Ari Hest, was a Grammy nominee. Several of Collins' albums are available for streaming or download at Freegal.
Glen Weldon: The Caped Crusade On this day in 1939, Batman made his first appearance, in issue #27 of Detective Comics. Batman has been fighting crime in comic books, comic strips, television, and movies for almost 80 years now, relying not on superpowers, but on athletic ability, intelligence, and all the high-tech gizmos that his enormous wealth can buy. Glen Weldon's history of Batman, The Caped Crusade, follows the character through his many incarnations and versions, examining how the character's changes reflect shifts in the broader culture. The Caped Crusade is available as an e-book or e-audio at OverDrive, or in print.
Red Cliff And on this day in 1946, John Woo was born. Woo had been a moderately successful director of Hong Kong action movies for a decade when his 1986 film A Better Tomorrow broke box-office records throughout Asia. Over the next several years, his movies (The Killer; Once a Thief) would develop a cult following in the United States. In 1993, he came to Hollywood and spent several years making English-language action movies, such as Face/Off and Mission: Impossible 2. Woo returned to the Chinese film industry in 2008 with Red Cliff, an epic war film loosely based  on a famous battle from the Han Dynasty era. Red Cliff is available for streaming at Hoopla.