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On This Day: June 30

Keith Chaffee, Librarian, Collection Development,
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Great moments in history and popular culture happen every day, and ON THIS DAY will share a few of them with you. We’ll also point you to related resources in our collection, helping you to discover classic films, musical favorites, and historical tidbits. The primary focus will be on our e-material – e-books, e-audio, and downloadable and streamable music and film – but physical books and DVDs will also be part of the fun.

Dave Van Ronk: Going Back to Brooklyn On this day in 1936, Dave Van Ronk was born. Van Ronk was a singer and guitarist who was a leader in New York's folk music scene in the 1960s. He began his career playing traditional blues and jazz, including skillful arrangments for guitar of Scott Joplin's piano rags. When folk music became popular, Van Ronk added that to his wide-ranging repertoire, which also included gospel, English ballads, and Kurt Weill songs. He also wrote original pieces; his 1985 album Going Back to Brooklyn is a collection of Van Ronk's own songs. It's available for streaming or download at Freegal.
That Championship Season On this day in 1959, Vincent D'Onofrio was born. D'Onofrio's first major film role was in Stanley Kubrick's 1987 film Full Metal Jacket, a part for which he gained 70 pounds. He has been a steady presence in movies since then, usually playing supporting or character roles. On television, D'Onofrio starred for ten seasons as one of the detectives in Law and Order: Criminal Intent. He appears with Paul Sorvino and Tony Shalhoub in That Championship Season, about the 20-year reunion of a high school basketball team and their coach; it's available for streaming at Hoopla.
Yngwie Malmsteen And on this day in 1963, Yngwie Malmsteen was born. Malmsteen is a heavy metal guitarist, known for the virtuosic rapidity of his playing. He says that classical music influences his playing as much as other guitarists do, and has composed a "Concerto Suite" for electric guitar and orchestra. Several of Malmsteen's albums are available for streaming at Hoopla.