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On This Day: August 2

Keith Chaffee, Librarian, Collection Development,
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Great moments in history and popular culture happen every day, and ON THIS DAY will share a few of them with you. We’ll also point you to related resources in our collection, helping you to discover classic films, musical favorites, and historical tidbits. The primary focus will be on our e-material – e-books, e-audio, and downloadable and streamable music and film – but physical books and DVDs will also be part of the fun.

The Hills Have Eyes On this day in 1939, Wes Craven was born. Craven was a director and writer who worked almost exclusively in the horror and thriller genres. He created the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, and directed all of the Scream movies. His other movies include The Last House on the Left, The People Under the Stairs, and his only full-length film outside horror and thrillers, Music of the Heart. Craven's 1977 film, The Hills Have Eyes, is about a family pursued by cannibals after being stranded in the Nevada desert; it's available for streaming at Hoopla.
Caleb Carr: The Alienist On this day in 1955, Caleb Carr was born. Carr is a military historian and novelist, best known for his novels featuring Laszlo Kreizler, who helps the police solve crimes in 1890s New York using such then-new techniques as psychological profiling and fingerprinting. The Alienist, the first volume in the series, finds Kreizler and New York police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt hunting a serial killer who targets young immigrants. The Alienist is available as an e-book or e-audio at OverDrive, or in print.
High Fidelity And on this day in 1964, the Guarneri String Quartet was founded. The group would be unusually long lasting, performing until 2009 with only one membership change. The Guarneri Quartet focused largely on the 18th and 19th century repertoire, though they did play more contemporary music in their later years; they had a particular fondness for unearthing relatively unknown quartets by composers better known for other work. The 2008 documentary High Fidelity follows the Guarneri through a year of rehearsals, performances, and recording sessions; it's available for streaming at Hoopla, and several recordings by the Guarneri Quartet are available for streaming or download at Freegal.