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On This Day: April 21

Keith Chaffee, Librarian, Collection Development,
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Welcome to ON THIS DAY! Each day, we'll look at a few moments from history and popular culture. We'll show you where you can rediscover classic movies and music, or read more about great moments in history. We'll point you to e-books, downloadable and streamable music and film, and e-audio; and of course, we haven't forgotten about physical books or DVDs.

Thompson: The Testament of Freedom/Frostiana On this day in 1899, Randall Thompson was born. Thompson was a composer whose work includes three symphonies and an opera, but who is best remembered for his choral music.Two of his most popular works -- The Testament of Freedom, based on the writing of Thomas Jefferson; and Frostiana, settings of seven Robert Frost poems -- are included on a recording available for streaming at Hoopla.
Alistair MacLean: Ice Station Zebra On this day in 1922, Alistair MacLean was born. MacLean wrote thrillers and adventure novels. His books appeared regularly on best-seller lists for more than thirty years, and several were turned into popular movies in the 1960s. In Ice Station Zebra, a submarine crew attempts to rescue the staff of an Arctic science station, against the Cold War backdrop of international paranoia; it's available as an e-book at OverDrive, or in print.
Life After Tomorrow And on this day in 1977, the musical Annie opened on Broadway. Based on the Little Orphan Annie comic strip, the musical tells the story of a plucky orphan who finds a home with billionaire Oliver Warbucks. The original production ran for almost six years; the show has been revived twice on Broadway, and produced in more than two dozen countries. In the documentary Life After Tomorrow, more than 40 women who played Annie and her fellow orphans talk about the challenges of the child actor, and the particular stress of becoming too old for a part when you're only 11 or 12. Life After Tomorrow is available for streaming at Hoopla.