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A blog for the Subject Departments of the Central Library

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Tamara Holub, Librarian, Business Department, August 3, 2015

In June 2015, US Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, introduced The New 10 Campaign in which a woman will be featured on the newly redesigned $10 bill in the year 2020.  The circulation of the new $10 bill will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.  The redesigned $10 will also include symbols of democracy.  Issues up for debate...


Snow covered cabin with the words Holiday Handiwork across the bottom of the picture

Holiday Handiwork Craft Program - December 13, 2014

Elizabeth Graney, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department, Monday, December 8, 2014

Back in May we showed you how to transform old book pages, sheet music and maps into paper roses. Well, we're at it again! This time, we want to show you how to make those ubiquitous holiday wrapping bows out of recycled library materials.

Conspiracy Theories

Social Science, Philosophy and Religion Department, Central Library, Saturday, December 6, 2014
The term conspiracy theory conjures up a range of images in the public imagination. From complex political cover-ups to chemtrails to tinfoil hats, most people have some conception of what a conspiracy theory encompasses and who follows it.


Kelly Wallace, Librarian, History Department, Friday, December 5, 2014

Author Program:  ALL NIGHT MENU by Sam Sweet

Hartley Burr Alexander: Not Your Typical 20th Century Philosopher

Central Docents, Central Library, Thursday, December 4, 2014

If you’ve ever taken a tour of the Central Library, you’ve probably heard mention of Hartley Burr Alexander, the man who worked with architect Bertram Goodhue on the theme and symbolism of the historic 1926 building.   But in the course of our one hour tours, we never have enough time t

Movie Theatre image

Read it First! Film adaptations headed to theatres near you. December 2014 edition

Elizabeth Graney, Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department, Wednesday, December 3, 2014

If you've heard it once, you've heard it a million times - the book was better. There's nothing like debating the differences between a favorite book and its translation to the screen.

Call # 659 - Advertising

Galina Stoyanova , Librarian, Business & Economics Department, Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An appropriate part of our collection to be mentioned on our blog approaching the Holidays Season.

“Advertising is totally unnecessary. Unless you hope to make money.” – Jeff I. Richards.

Faces Behind the Places in LA

Glen Creason, Librarian III, History & Genealogy Department, Tuesday, December 2, 2014

     Driving, biking or even walking! around LA we see many place names that we have come to take for granted. Many of these place names were inspired by Angelenos who helped create them. These are just a number of the faces behind the places.

November 30, 2014 Los Angeles Times Best Sellers Available at the Library

November 30, 2014 Los Angeles Times Best Sellers Available at the Library

David Kelly, Senior Librarian, Literature & Fiction Department, Monday, December 1, 2014

The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard, the author of the