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Eileen Y., July 28, 2015

Would you like to know how you can download free movies from the library’s website?  Would you like to know how to download free music which you can actually keep?  Would you like to know how you can download e-books to your Kindle or iPad? 

Image of computer keyboard
Eileen Y., January 09, 2015

Learn How to Maneuver a Mouse, Create an E-Mail Account, Search the man menu - Search the Library Collections
Eileen Y., April 29, 2013

Ever wonder where to start looking on our website for finding different materials that the library has?  Whether it’s a book, magazine article, CD,  digitized photo, a historical map, or even some songs to download, here is a quick guide on where to click first, just so you can ge

Eileen Y., February 05, 2013

“When you’ve got a question, we’ve got an answer. InfoNow provides quick answers to commonly asked questions about the library and many other topics.”