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Money can’t buy happiness but writing books on wealth just might.  How to get rich is a popular subject in Business and Economics and our collection on wealth will inspire you to take that winding road to budget, save, invest, and prosper.  The Library has books, AV material, e-Books, newspapers, magazines and databases that cover many facets of accumulating wealth.  Is wealth a state of mind, living a rich life, a healthy stock portfolio, assets galore, money in the bank or freedom from deprivation?  There are no straight answers but ma

To the bane of many genealogists, the eleventh census of the United States was heavily damaged by a fire at the Commerce Department in 1921. Less than one percent of it survived, which means we have census data (e.g. age, place of residence, family members, etc.) on only 6,160 Americans in 1890. To non-genealogists, this may seem ho-hum, but to those of us trying to piece together the paths of our ancestors between 1880 and 1900, it’s a big deal.

Over at the LAPL Photo Collection, we were full steam ahead as always in 2014; processing collections, digitizing photos, acquiring new collections, mounting exhibits, coordinating programs, and assisting patrons with research and orders. There are more highlights than we could ever fit into one post, but here are a few.

After 31 weeks on the Los Angeles Times Hardcover Fiction Best Seller List, All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr has attained the number one spot for the first time. The novel, about a blind French girl and a German teenager in World War II, first appeared on the List on May 25, 2014.

Couldn't make it to our last craft program? Never fear! We've got step by step instructions and a video in the post below to help you make your own recycled paper gift bows this holiday season. 

Recycled Paper Gift Bow Instructions: 

1. Take one sheet of paper from a magazine, book, map, or sheet music and cut into

As we near the end of 2014 its time for the best books of the year lists to make their annual appearances.  Here are a sampling of the Best of 2014: