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Tai Chi is a centuries-old Chinese martial art with practical health benefits. It descends from Qigong, having its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Tai Chi involves a series of slow and meditative body movements, originally designed for self-defense, as well as to promote inner peace and calm.

On Sept. 8, 2014, the Canadian Prime Minister announced that one of the ships from the doomed Franklin Expedition had been found in the Arctic. Canadian scientists have been searching for the ships since 2008. The ships, eerily named the HMS Terror and the HMS Erebus, have been the object of several searches since 1848, three years after the ships left England in search of the Northwest Passage. Before 1859, over fifty search parties were launched to find the ships.

I tell everyone, all the time, that the Science, Technology & Patents Department is a very serious place.

We want to thank @LAHistory for tweeting about a bit of Los Angeles Public Library history: an LAPL booklist produced in the months after the 1965 Watts Riot. After checking Central Library's files we are happy to report that we found an original copy of the booklist in the Social Science, Philosophy & Religion's bibliography files.

Am I related to anyone famous?

What is my ethnic background?

How far back can I go?  1800s?  1600s?  Adam and Eve?!!

Genealogy—the study of an individual’s ancestry—is a wildly popular hobby and profession. With access to online records and nifty family tree software programs and websites, it’s increasingly easier for us to investigate our pasts.