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Picture a book that can gracefully endure the trials of the centuries – the water, the fire, the sword. What will this book be about? In what language will it be? There is an old legend about an artist-scribe who was being burned along with a precious manuscript. As the fire was consuming them both, his disciples asked, “What do you see?” And he replied, “The manuscript seems to be burning, yet the letters are flying away.”

Did you miss out on our origami bookmark program this weekend? We've got you covered with step-by-step instructions for both of the origami bookmark designs taught

How to make a heart-shaped bookmark

1. Start with a piece of paper measuring 5' by 2.5' 

2. Fold your rectangle in half lengthwise, with the side you would like to be visible on the outside.

3. Then, fold this in half width wise.

4. Unfold your last fold.