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ARchive LAPL App

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Augmented reality in the Library?!     Why not?

The ARchive LAPL app development project is a partnership between USC Annenberg and the Los Angeles Public Library’s historic Central Library to ‘augment’ the library--bringing visual, video and 3-D experiences to the rich art, architecture and collections of the historic Central Library.

Now you can experience the art, architecture, history and some special collections of Central Library with augmented reality through the app.

Get started!

1) If you have an iPhone or iPad, go to  iTunes store (coming to Android soon!)

2) Download the free ARchive LAPL  app

Now start exploring!

Choose the USC experience to check out visual markers throughout Central Library, or the challenging Ghost experience where you will be presented with clues that will lead you to the visual markers that will trigger the experience.

This project is a result of an experimental Augmented Reality Storytelling and Journalism course in Fall 2013 led by USC Annenberg Professor Robert Hernandez, with work produced by USC students (Kaitlyn Mullin, Heather Navarro, Daniella Segura, Sydney Tuss, Serhan Ulkumen, Phoebe Unterman, and Sammi Won) with the guidance and assistance of the LAPL staff. The final app was produced by Neon Roots, LLC.